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Una Marian Murphy  (2007). Bhakti, Sank̇irtana and Gaudiya Vaisnavism : India to Australia Foucaultian Analysis.  PhD Thesis: School of International and Political Studies, Deakin University, Victoria,  Australia.

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Chapter 2: Methodoloogy and 
Chapter 10: Ethics and Dispositif


Una Marian Murphy (2006).  Implicit Attitudes, Motivations and Commitment to Literacy: Year 2 Students. MEd Thesis: School of Social Science and Education, Bond University, Gold Coast, Australia.


Una Marian Murphy (2015).  United States, International Court of Justice, United Nations, Data Protection, Human Rights, Compliance and the Hypothetical. MA Digital Humanities, University College Cork, Ireland.

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Chapter 3: United States: Privacy and Data Protection
Chapter 4: United States, International Court of Justice and United Nations: Human Rights  
Chapter 5: United States, International Court of Justice and United Nations: Data Protection and Human Rights

Papers and Essays

Area: Humanities Politics and Law

Una Marian Murphy (2011). “Global Hare Krishna: The Australian Scene” in International Journal of Anthropology Vol. 90 No 1-2

Una Marian Murphy (2015). ICC Rome Statute:  Africa and Mills – A Critique (International Criminal Law).  Wahald and UCC Ireland 2015.

Una Marian Murphy (2015). ICC Rome Statute Article 25: Individual Responsibility and Purports. Wahald and UCC 2015.

Una Marian Murphy (2016). Gloria Anzaldúa: Borderland Theory and Mestiza Consciousness.   UCC Ireland : January 2016.

Una Marian Murphy (2016). Women, Employment, Promotion and Gender Variance: a Treatise – 2016 Ireland and International. For DFS Cork in conjunction with UCC April to August 2016.

Area: Education

Una Marian Murphy (2006). Education Philosophy: Progressive Learning – Meta-cognition and Adventure. Bond University, Gold Coast, Australia.

Una Marian Murphy (2006). Boys, Girls and Education: Literature Review . Bond University: Gold Coast,  Australia.

Area: Philosophy

Una Marian Murphy (1997).  Analytics of Ethics: Aristotle.  Deakin University, Geelong, Australia

Una Marian Murphy (1997). Analysis of Love Diotima and Freud.  Deakin University, Geelong, Australia


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