Art: meta art

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In the midst of Art what do we know?

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A great read and its here:

 Real of Fake

One thought on “Art: meta art”

  1. The Art of Reflective (Re)Representations in Action
    Interesting also is the Deep Walls projects cinematic memories. The wall records people’s activities reflected amid a projected beam ie their shadows. When the last person in a succession of people leaves the beam there is a replay of the reflections which appear on a multi-canvas (composed of sixteen small frames). Next there is a video replay of same and the people who are now in the video projected on the Wall once again enter the stage and repeat their original expressions reflected on the wall creating a representational movie (viz: (re)representations). (i) The theory Deep Walls reflects Christopher Alexander’s Pattern Language and (ii) the Art is the art of reflective (re)representations in action.

    The Deep Wall video is available at:

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