Ebola and War Crimes

Yellow: places of Mass Atrocities
Green: places of Ebola and Mass Atrocities

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Green: Mass atrocities – war crimes, crimes against humanity and/or genocide
Red: Cases under investigation for same

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Africa: Give peace a chance…

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One thought on “Ebola and War Crimes”

  1. OPINION: Give Peace a Chance – Run with Youth
    by Ettie Higgins (Juba)Monday, December 15, 2014
    Inter Press Service
    JUBA, Dic 15 (IPS) – Rambang “Raymond” Tot Deng was 18 and attending his final year of school when fighting erupted in South Sudan’s capital Juba, one year ago. In the ensuing violence, as Raymond’s schoolbooks burned, thousands of South Sudanese were killed, including two of his cousins. See more here:


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