Technology & Srveillance: Poem & video

This page is the place for my artistic expression for the thesis.  Yes it is my expression of: Art the beauty of romance — the essence of humanness — the crest where the unknown meets what might yet be real — and that “might” is itself a reality. It is the place where poetry is to art what the soul is to the sight . Or as Aristotle put that:

“Suppose that an eye, instead of being a mere organ of the body, were itself no less than a living animal: than the sight of the eye would be its soul” (Aristotle De Anima).

Poetry the soul of art — So in seeking that for my “digital artifact” in Digital Arts and Technology I keep this page.

My art is in this poem which is about Digital Technology. It  is designed to promote awareness. I have placed it here on youtube. I also made a Poster and it is here. The text for the poem is below.


Digital technology
 Is everywhere  
We use it with ease
 Here and there  
And often without care
 wires track locat id move
We used it to  
Track movements
Identify locations 
With and without 


It is used to collect 
Control process
And store our data 
Or meta-data
And to this an
 Eyelid we seldom batter
 internet smart phone
Through the Internet 
We roam and communicate
We use our smartphones 
To email, texts
Often without rest
It is standard regular 
And commonplace
We send and respond 
Usually without decline
And it is done In real time
Common place vvvbv
social media vvvcg
In business  
In everyday activities
On social media 
We create detailed
Records of our lives 
And pastimes


Private and Government monitoring
Is embedded everywhere 
Throughout society
On the highway
Street corners
In buildings in and outside 
And along corridors
monitoring private and gove last
human rights sd
Privacy now
 Personal and more
To Data protection 
A fundamental right
We move with concern 
Wherewith that rights?
I used to edit the photos  Cheers UMM

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