ICC: War Crimes & Africa

A.U asks the ICC to return cases to Kenya

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  1. ICC and War Crimes Libya:

    The International Criminal Court (ICC) chief prosecutor says war crimes are developing in engaged in Libya.

    Fatou Bensoud said “There are, indeed, indications that crimes that fall within the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court are being committed,”

    She says that in the North Africa security situation there are increased situations of assassinations and human rights violations.

    “These troubling developments are clear signs that Libya is descending on the wrong path on its transition to what was hoped would be a peaceful country that respects and pays homage to the rule of law, justice and accountability,” the ICC official stated.

    The Human Rights Watch (HRW) found cases of displacement, torture, and murder amounting to (i) crimes against humanity and war crimes.

    “Security Council members should make clear that the state of impunity in Libya needs to end,” said HRW International Justice Director Richard Dicker on Tuesday, adding, “Turning a blind eye to justice has been a main driver for the country’s current instability.”

    The 2011 Libyan Uprising (against Muammar Gaddafi) ushered in an era of groups of armed militias who are now showing struggles between themselves and government forces. They are fighting in a bid to dominate politics. The country has vast oil resources. See video here:


  2. HUMANITY CRIMES: ICC prosecutor withdraws charges against Kenyan president –

    International Criminal Court Prosecutor says the charges against Uhuru Kenyatta (Kenyan President) might be discontinued. However new allegations will be filed if new evidence comes up. ICC Judges gave the prosecution a week to decide what they are gong to do. Fergal Gaynor, said a withdrawal of charges will disappoint victims (which number over 20,000). Kenyatta requested that charges against his deputy William Ruto are also withdrawn. See more here:

    See more at: http://www.voxafrica.co.uk/news/video/?v=0_rvmzh23r#sthash.KXGrn8fh.8DDu8ILo.dpuf

  3. The International Criminal Court has withdrawn charges of crimes against humanity against Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta.

    Fatou Bensouda, ICC prosecutor, filed a three-paragraph notice withdrawing the charges against Kenyatta but added that she reserved the right to file charges again should she get more evidence.

    “The evidence has not improved to such an extent that Mr Kenyatta’s alleged criminal responsibility can be proven beyond reasonable doubt,” Bensouda said on Friday in a document filed at the Hague-based court.


    Published on Jun 15, 2013
    Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame reacts to a question on whether African leaders at the AU summit in Addis were genuine in their accusations that ICC was targeting African countries yet most if not all cases at the ICC today were referred there by the Africans themselves. Question asked by TV10’s Eugene Anangwe on Saturday 15 June 2013 during a press conference with the Rwandan head of state.


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